Best Gmail CRM

Simply integrates with Gmail to allow you to manage sales, customer relationships and get email tracking inside Gmail.


Легко использовать

Simply is designed with a focus on the user. Combined with Gmail - provides you with an easy and simple to use communication platform.

Комлексная платформа

Продажи, маркетинг, поддержка, проекты, выставление счетов - и многое другое!

All your data, all in one place

Contact details, purchase history, activities, sales and many more.

Spend time on closing

Add contacts, schedule follow-ups, and log opportunities right from your Simply inbox.

Специальная поддержка

We help you all the way and you will receive a free 24/7 local language support.

Track every conversation

Track conversation and save emails from Gmail to Simply in just a few clicks.

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Alexander at Simply CRM

Ни одно задание или клиент не забыты

“Our choice was unanimously Simply CRM. It is both easier and quicker than what we have otherwise looked at. We spend less time getting an overview so that no task or possible client is forgotten.”


Alexander Kjærum


Portaplay at Simply CRM

Легко и быстро работать

Simply CRM is exactly that – Simple! We are happy to work with it every day, and can clearly feel it helping us in our daily tasks. That their support is so quick and good at answering us, is just an added benefit.”


Hans Skovfoged
Креативный директор